COVID-19 Crisis – Reasons to be Cheerful

I posted before about my personal Covid-19 nightmare. I think it’s fair to say, this isn’t easy for any of us. we are all feeling it; the worry, the uncertainty. It feels a bit like the beginning of the end. All we are missing is the zombies.

But being negative never did anyone any good.

Here are 13 reasons to be cheerful in what will surely become known as the Great Coronavirus Crisis of 2020.

1. Yes, the majority of business are suffering, but some are making more money than they ever have before; not least the manufacturers of face masks, hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

2. People are reading more. Because let’s face it, not many of us had the time before. Book sales, in particular ebook sales, have increased across the board, my own included.

3. Likewise, that jigsaw you never had time to finish, that DIY job, that big pile of ironing you’ve been putting off. Well, there’s no excuse now. Get to it.

4. People are spending more time on social media, so you can easily identify the crackpots and nutjobs and jettison them from your life before they cause any real problems.

5. By the same token, the almost world-wide enforced lock down has pushed most of us to mend bridges and reconnect with people from our past that we really should talk to more often.

6. Online advertising revenue has been on a downward spiral for some time now. Not any more. With most of the population stuck indoors surfing the net for porn and news stories, that shit is gone through the roof.

7. The homeless are off the streets. And into hotels, in the UK anyway. That’s a result for them.

8. The crisis has shone a light on the NHS. On one hand it has underscored what most of us knew anyway – NHS workers are modern-day heroes, selflessly putting themselves in harm’s way, on poor salaries and with often inferior equipment. The crisis has exposed how underfunded and overstreched they are.

9. At last, we can eat all the food that has been gathering dust in the cupboard, like that tin of spaghetti hoops you bought from Lidl back in 2012.

10. Let’s face it, there’s a lingering fear that either us or someone we care about might die prematurely. So, I’ve been making my peace with people. Just in case. Never let the sun set on an argument.

11. With less production and less global travel meaning less emissions, the environment is experiencing something of a renaissance. It’s long overdue. It might just be a temporary measure, but at least our world gets this few months to recover before people fuck it up some more.

12. A lot of artists are giving away their swag for free in an effort to entertain the population. Authors are doing free promotions on their books, bands are giving away music (Nine Inch Nails just released two albums worth of material) and everyone is doing live streaming events. Get involved. support your heroes, and discover some more.

13. At the very least, all this will give mankind an opportunity to hit the RESET button, re-think our life choices and, after all this is over, be better people for the experience.   

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