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 “A great insight to how another part of the world works.”
– Amazon Reviewer

British journalist Alex Coverdale has spent over a decade working as an English teacher in China. During that time he has travelled the length and breadth of the country, seeing things he never thought he would see and doing things he never thought he would do, from digging for dinosaur eggs in the Gobi desert to eating snakes in Hunan Province, and finding himself in a succession of awkward, often hilarious situations along the way.

He soon developed a deep affinity with China and its people, falling in love with the country’s unique culture, colourful history, and vibrant, infectious energy. Being in such a unique position, he wrote about his experiences in a book which quickly became a Number One Amazon Bestseller, but he never told the full story.

Until now.

This first instalment of This is China: Misadventures in the Middle Kingdom covers the author’s initial move to China back in 2007 when the country was hovering on the cusp of seismic change, his first years working at a renowned university in Beijing and several primary schools in Tianjin, and his first tentative forays into ex-pat life and the dating scene.

If you have any interest in China, teaching English abroad, or the dynamics of cross-cultural relationships, these books are for you because…

This is China.

This second instalment of the series sees the author head south to Hunan province and details the three-plus years he spent in the provincial capital of Changsha, a place renowned for its entertainment industry and wild nightlife, and the surrounding cities. He initially moved there in search of sunshine, adventure and excitement, and found much more besides. 

“The writing felt very personal and real. At the end of the book I felt like l had lived another life… an interesting one to boot. Good job.”

– Amazon Reviewer

“Alex Coverdale tells a compelling, revealing story. He hooks you right away, is fun and funny, and, seemingly, extremely honest. A thoroughly enjoyable read.”

– Amazon customer.

After spending over five years in Beijing, Tianjin, and Hunan Province, Alex Coverdale leaves China to pursue his dream of writing for a magazine in London. At first it’s everything he expected it to be; glamorous, eventful and fun-packed, and aside from rubbing shoulders with celebs and living the high life in England’s capital, he enjoys decadent sojourns in Magaluf, Bordeaux and other European hotspots.

However, along with the booze-drenched, celebrity-schmoozing lifestyle came gambling addiction, a relapse into substance abuse, more heartbreak, office politics and industrial-scale duplicity as he slowly learns all that glitters certainly is not gold.

Through it all endures the pain of broken connections and a constant yearning for a return to the Middle Kingdom where he feels he has unfinished business.

Can he resist temptation? Let’s face it, the signs aren’t good.

Welcome to the Wilderness Years.

From the #1 Amazon Bestselling author comes this MUST HAVE for anyone planning on visiting China, pursuing Chinese women, or those simply interested in the dynamics of cross-cultural or mixed-race relationships.

Chinese women are among the most desirable in the world and their love for Western men is well-documented. Yet for so many, they remain unattainable. Not any more. This indispensable book will teach you all you need to know about dating Chinese women; how to find them, how to approach them, how to get them into bed, how to form lasting relationships, and perhaps most importantly, what they want from you.

“The author was the forbidden fruit to Chinese girls and in describing his experiences he gives some insights into the Chinese remake mindset. And this is the most valuable part of his book.”

– Amazon Reviewer

While the climate and the beaches have considerable pulling power, it’s no secret that another main attraction, especially for western men, is Thai women. Over the years, the sex industry has attained almost mythical status, and Thailand has gained a well-earned reputation for being a place where dreams come true, and literally anything can happen.

Alex Coverdale wanted to see if this was true, so he saved up some money, walked out of his job, and travelled to Thailand for 27 Days of Sin. What happened there would change his life forever. This book charts his adventure from inception to conclusion, offering masses of useful and practical advice for both the first-time visitor and the seasoned traveller.

#1 Amazon Bestseller!

“Rare insider’s experience of life in China as a foreigner. The author’s frank and unabashed tale reveals his trials and triumphs in dealing with relationships in the Middle Kingdom.”
– Amazon Reviewer

Previous instalments of This is China: Misadventures in the Middle Kingdom took a forensic look at the author’s initial move to China back in 2007, his early struggles to overcome culture shock whilst trying to survive the brutal north-Chinese winter and navigate his way through various inter-personal relationships, his wild three-year stint in the entertainment hub of Changsha, and his long-awaited move to London to fulfil his dream of becoming a magazine journalist. There, along with the glamorous, celebrity-schmoozing lifestyle, came gambling addiction, a relapse into substance abuse, and some memorable run-ins with corporate duplicity. Soon, burned out, depressed and disillusioned, he stood at another of life’s crossroads.

After a considerable amount of soul searching he decides on a return to China where he feels he has unfinished business and takes up a teaching position in the booming southern metropolis of Guangzhou. The plan was to be a model professional, keep his head down, live a quiet life and save some money. But as most of us know, things rarely go to plan. The moment he arrives he is faced with a string of situations far more dangerous, depraved, and debauched than he has ever experienced. And that’s before the entire world is plunged into chaos.

He used to wonder what would happen if dreams came true. Now he wonders what you do when your worst nightmares become reality.

“This book is filled with personal insightful knowledge that I’d never seen elsewhere. In the end I learned tons more from reading this book about China and its culture, than I could have spending hours with an encylopedia.”

– Amazon Reviewer