Data Trading Shithouses

Near the beginning of my enforced, extended stint back in the UK due to the fucking coronavirus, I switched SIM cards in my phone, and started using my UK number again. I started getting spam calls almost immediately, up to three or four a day, every day. Energy ‘advisers,’ surveys, will-writers, double glazing salesmen, accident claims people. You name it, they rang me. The whole pantheon of scum-sucking parasites. 


I made a formal request to one of these places asking where they got my contact details. A few days later, true to their word, they sent me a letter. Turns out, it was a company called Choose Leads Ltd.

Apparently they are a data supply agency who basically get hold of your contact details and sell them to whoever will pay for them.

I’m not happy about this at all. Not just because I get loads of random phone calls, but it also means that this company is actually profiting from my misery. The bare-faced cheek of it.

The moment I learned who was responsible, I went straight to their website. There is a section where you can request your details be removed from their databases, presumably meaning that they will then stop selling my information. I made the request and sent them a nasty email for good measure. I also one-starred them on Google reviews for being dicks. But of course, whether they actually remove my details or not is another matter. I might just have made them angry.

Anyway, a bit of research led me to something called The Telephone Preference Service which allows you to ‘opt out’ of unsolicited sales and marketing calls.’

This is a disgrace in itself. I mean, shouldn’t you opt-in to that shit, if you want it, rather than being made to opt-out at some later date after the damage has been done? As far as I know The Telephone Preference Service is UK-based, but I urge you to find a comparable one in your country. It could save you a lot of hassle.

I wasn’t finished with Choose Leads Limited.

Conveniently, there’s a phone number on their website. The temptation was too strong, so I called it. I wanted to know where THEY got my information from and what gave them the right to sell it without my permission, or even knowledge. There was no answer, which wasn’t a surprise as it was a Saturday afternoon. These cunts probably work office hours. No matter, I’ll call them again on Monday morning. And Monday afternoon. Then I’ll call them twice on Tuesday and three times on Wednesday. Let’s see how they fucking like it.

People shouldn’t fuck with me when I have a lot of time on my hands.

My life is full of drama and fuckery. Whatever I do, wherever I go, drama and fuckery ensues.

You can read about more of it in my books.

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