This is China: Misadventures in the Middle Kingdom Part 1 – The North

British journalist Alex Coverdale has spent over a decade working as an English teacher in China. During that time he has travelled the length and breadth of the country, seeing things he never thought he would see and doing things he never thought he would do, from digging for dinosaur eggs in the Gobi desert to eating snakes in Hunan Province, and finding himself in a succession of awkward, often hilarious situations along the way.

He soon developed a deep affinity with China and its people, falling in love with the country’s unique culture, colourful history, and vibrant, infectious energy. Being in such a unique position, he wrote about his experiences in a book which quickly became a Number One Amazon Bestseller, but he never told the full story.

Until now.


This first instalment of This is China: Misadventures in the Middle Kingdom covers the author’s initial move to China back in 2007 when the country was hovering on the cusp of seismic change, his first years working at a renowned university in Beijing and several primary schools in Tianjin, and his first tentative forays into ex-pat life and the dating scene.

If you have any interest in China, teaching English abroad, or the dynamics of cross-cultural relationships, these books are for you because… This is China.

Available now on paperback and reduced-price ebook

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