Back and Badder than Ever!

It’s been a while.

In my defence, I’ve been busy. After several years away working in London, in March 2019 I moved back to China. And right back into a world of drama. Within three months I had two more broken relationships to add to my collection and was in love with someone else, a girl who was in a long-term relationship with one of my colleagues. Awkward. The amount of fallout over that was unimaginable and might well require a book of its own. 

My new job was as a IELTS instructor at a private college in Guangzhou. I’d travelled to Guangdong before, but never lived there. The main difference, apart from the weather, is that the locals all speak Cantonese, which immediately rendered my limited knowledge of Mandarin useless. Damn. Another difference was the people, who all seemed much more money motivated that the people I’d met in other parts of the country. That might be an unfair generalization, I’m just speaking from my personal experience.

Falling back into that lifestyle started me thinking. I wasn’t 100% happy with my #1 Amazon bestseller Yellow Fever: Love & Sex in China. There were a lot of stories and anecdotes I had to leave out, either because they didn’t fit the narrative or because I plain forgot. The only solution was to re-write it, including all the material I’d wish I’d included the first time. You don’t get many second chances in life, so when one comes along you should grab it by the balls. Or the vagina, as the case may be.

By the time I finished, it was an entirely different book, so I had no option but to change the title. Now it’s called This is China: Misadventures in the Middle Kingdom.

Another problem was, after eight months of editing, polishing, and re-writing, I had far too much material to possibly cram into one book. The only solution was to break it up into a series, so that’s what I did.

It worked out like this:

This is China: Misadventures in the Middle Kingdom

Part 1 – The North

Part 2 – Hunan Province

Part 3 – The Wilderness Years

Part 4 – The South

Parts 1 and 2 are available now on paperback and reduced-price ebook.

Part 3 is coming soon.

Hold on to your hats!

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