Lisa, the Thai Bar Girl

The moment we walked into this bar, the girl he’d met before made a beeline for Chris, and one of her friends, who happened to be one of the hottest girls I’d ever seen (at least with beer goggles on) came over and started stroking my leg. She was in her early twenties, and had platinum dyed blonde hair. I called her Lisa because I couldn’t pronounce her real name. She didn’t seem to mind. As we swigged beer, with me paying for the drinks, obviously, she told me she was a member of the Shan ethnic minority, predominantly from Myanmar but also to be found in China (some historians believe they originally migrated from Yunnan province), Laos and, yes, Thailand. Especially Chiang Mai.

For the next two hours, Lisa was the perfect companion. She was attentive, charming, funny. She laughed at my jokes and went to the bar to get my beer whenever my bottle ran empty. She didn’t ask for any expensive cocktails. She did ask me to buy her a beer, but then she gave it to me anyway.

At some point, she asked me if I would like to take her home. I absolutely did, but I needed to check something first. I told her that I was wary of ladyboys. “You think I’m a guy?” she asked, plucked, shaped eyebrows arching in surprise. She looked a little offended, which made me feel bad.

“You can never be too careful,” I said. I’d seen some very impressive-looking dudes during my time in Thailand. My fears were allayed when Lisa took my hand and put it up her skirt. There was no penis. The only thing hiding in her underwear was a deliciously shaven pussy, and it was already wet.

When the bar closed at midnight, we went for a meal with some of her colleagues, a ladyboy and a lesbian. It was possibly the most bizarre supper I’ve ever had, but they were good people. They even offered to pay for my meal. When we finished, Lisa and I walked back to Zz House. The place was quiet, the communal area deserted. Thankfully, everyone was in bed. There was no shame in taking home a bar girl. It’s pretty much accepted, and I made no secret of my intentions that night. I just prefer being discreet.

My room was on the ground floor. We went inside, sat on the bed, talked for a while, then she took off her dress. Her body was flawless. Soft, silky, slender and smooth. I put on a condom and pulled her on top of me so I could penetrate her from the bottom. She had large, pert breasts for an Asian girl, and I wanted to take full advantage of them.

Unusually for a working girl, it seemed she genuinely enjoyed it. Especially when I put her on her hands and knees and did her from behind. Believe it or not, I’ve fucked a lot of girls, including a fair amount of hookers, and I can tell when the moans are real and when they are fake. It felt like we had a genuine bond, which fit in with what other working girls in Thailand I’d talked to said about picking and choosing their clients.

At one point, I opened up and told her about the Lucy situation, and she said, “What do you expect? We have a saying in Thailand. If you date a Chinese or Japanese girl, you have a baby.”

I could see her point.

The whole experience with Lisa was like the perfect one night stand, from meeting an attractive girl in a bar, buying her drinks and making small talk all evening, then taking her home and fucking her brains out.

When we finished, she asked if she could stay the night because she was tired. I’d already hidden my passport, credit card, and cash, just in case, so I agreed, and we curled up naked and sweaty in each other’s arms.

This is an extract from Thailand: 27 days of Sin, available now on ebook and paperback.

27 Days


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