Interview with Alex Coverdale – Part 1

Here’s an idea. Let’s do an interview. Only I’m going to interview myself. A bit weird? Possibly. But nobody else can do it because nobody knows who I really am. Plus, I can ask the really personal questions everyone else would probably be afraid to ask. I’m going to post this interview in four parts, on the first of each month.

First up, lets address the elephant in the room, the books, and the message.

Why do you use a pseudonym when you write?

I don’t. I write more under my real name, I just write different stuff. In my other existence I’m a freelance writer. Often, that means I’m little more than a glorified office drone. More exciting assignments might see me interview a footballer or a UFC fighter for a magazine or go on a press trip somewhere exotic, otherwise I might be chained to my desk writing product descriptions for Chinese websites. I take on a lot of ghost writing jobs on the side, and edit other people’s books for them when required to do so. I also have a third identity under which I write fiction.

Which of these three personas do you like most?

That’s hard to say. They are all reliant on each other, like three sides of a triangle. Office Drone Me probably takes up more of my time, which is okay because he brings the most money in. Horror fiction is little more than a guilty pleasure. It’s my release. Alex Coverdale definitely has the most fun.

Which AC book is your favourite?

That’s impossible to answer. I’ve done three so far, and they each have a special place in my heart. Yellow Fever – Love & Sex in China was the first and, to be honest, the most successful so far. It also took the longest to write, over two years. Judging from the comments I’ve had, my latest book, Dating Chinese Women – Tips, Tricks & Techniques, caters for the same market.

How are the books received?

Very well. I like to think I’m showing people that they can do these things, too, and live this life. It’s not hard. International travel is much more achievable than it has ever been before. If you plan things well, and are willing to be flexible, you can travel anywhere in the world for a few hundred pounds. The main obstacle is in your own mind. It’s much easier to stay in your dead end job, or your boring relationship, than it is to take charge of your life and do something life-changing.

Do the books get any criticism?

Not by anyone who has actually read them. One or two people might see the blurb and jump to conclusions. One idiot saw an ad for Yellow Fever and said something like I was enforcing the negative stereotype about western guys abroad. What’s negative about it? We like to drink and chase girls. The same as guys do all over the world, regardless of where they are from. Why shy away from it? Even adhering to stereotypes is such a dated concept, and the fact that this guy thinks in those terms probably says much more about him than it does about me.

How would you answer those who might label Alex Coverdale ‘misogynistic?’

I’d tell those people to go find out what that word really means. No, wait, I’ll save you the trouble. The definition is, ‘Strongly prejudice against women.’ And anyone who has read my books will know that’s not true. I love women. I probably love them too much!

Dating Chinese Women – Tips, Tricks & Techniques, is out now on ebook and paperback.


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