Beauty standards in China

Marta lives in China

The other day, when I was walking Nico in the morning, I saw a girl on her electric bike. She was wearing a bright plastic-looking jacket with long sleeves and the hood up, and black tights. Considering it was like 35 degrees (and only 9 a.m.), I pitied this girl. But, as we say in Spanish, to be beautiful you have to suffer! And this girl was just trying to keep her skin as pale as possible. Let’s talk about beauty standards in China!

Pale skin

Some Chinese have very white skins and others have darker complexions, but in general I’ve found them to tan quite easily. In Spain this would be a blessing, as we consider tanned skin to be pretty, but in China being tanned is the worst thing that can possibly happen to a girl (except being single, of course). Chinese people think tanned skin proves…

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