OUT NOW! Thailand: 27 Days of Sin

27 Days

Thailand. Land of Smiles. While the climate and the beaches have considerable pulling power, it’s no secret that another main attraction, especially for western men, is Thai women. Over the years, the sex industry has attained almost mythical status, and the country has gained a well-earned reputation for being a place where dreams come true, and literally anything can happen.

British journalist Alex Coverdale, author of Yellow Fever: Love & Sex in China, wanted to see if this was true, so he saved up some money, walked out of his job, and travelled to Thailand for 27 Days of Sin. What happened there would change his life forever.

This book charts his adventure from inception to conclusion, offering masses of useful and practical advice for both the first-time visitor and the seasoned traveller. It also gives you a free ticket.

OUT NOW on specially-priced paperback and ebook.

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